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What is ACA?

Revolutionizing Healthcare Access and Quality

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, is a healthcare reform law enacted in the United States in 2010. It represents a comprehensive overhaul of the country’s healthcare system with the goal of increasing access to affordable health insurance and improving the quality of healthcare.

Individual Mandate

The ACA required most individuals to have health insurance coverage or face a penalty on their federal income tax return. However, the individual mandate penalty was reduced to zero starting in 2019.

Medicaid Expansion

The ACA aimed to expand Medicaid, a government program that provides healthcare coverage for low-income individuals and families. The law allowed states to expand Medicaid eligibility to include more individuals with higher income levels, with the federal government providing additional funding to support the expansion.

Essential Health Benefits

The law mandated that health insurance plans must cover essential health benefits, including preventive services, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse treatment, prescription drugs, and more. This provision aimed to ensure that individuals have access to comprehensive coverage.

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